Sunday, April 17, 2011

Response to Sir Ken Robinson TED Talk

               Throughout the TED talk of Sir Ken Robinson, many important ideas and points are brought up that have to do with education and creativity. The main idea of this talk is that, as the title says, schools or educations are killing the creativity of many young children, and leading them to a completely one sided way of living. He states that schools do not teach the many arts in as much detail and with as much importance as they do with the "foundational" subjects such as English or Math. There were also many other ideas that were mixed in and connected to the subject such as how the minds of children work. He brought up two stories about how children are not scared to be wrong so they will try at anything, and if they are, they do not give up. They keep on trying until they succeed. But, as they grow up and continue on into the world of education, that idea is stripped from their brains and a new one is implanted. Mistakes are the worst thing that could happen. So, this leads them to give up if they think that they will make a mistake, and it also leads to their creativity deteriorating due to the lack of its use.

                 Although the points that Sir Ken Robinson used were magnificent, the ways that he presented them were all the more. The one technique that I specifically liked was the one of comedy. Robinson did a great job of throwing in little pieces of comedy into his talk and they made it that much better. The reason for this is simple. Even if a subject is very interesting, after a while an audience member might start to get bored of it. So, by using comedy, Robinson was able to keep the audience happy and intrigued the whole time. Also, his presentation style was a big part in this talk's success. Robinson used the effective style of being laid back and friendly with the audience. He was able to get all of his points across, while also throwing in a few jokes and looking completely relaxed. This style showed the audience (including me) that he knew what he was talking about and that it really deserves a lot of thought.
                The ideas stated in this TED talk do deserve a lot of thought and they are extremely important to the world today and especially the world in the future. They show that children being able to express themselves and to do what they want to do is what matters, not what their parents or teachers want them to do. Education in the world today is taking the wrong approach to learning. It thinks that the "core subjects" are the only ones that matter, and the arts are just there for fun and do not really mean anything. It is teaching children that mistakes are terrible, and stopping their creative minds from flowing. For example, I can even see this in my life. All throughout my school career, I have never had one single drama class, and almost no music or art classes, whereas even since kindergarten, I can distinctly remember having math every single day. Then, as I entered high school, I started to realize in a bigger way how much I liked some of the arts and that I was not too bad at them, and I realize now what I was missing. So, subjects such as math and reading should not be the only ones that matter, because they are not. Education needs to bring in a few new forms of learning to let the creative minds of children flourish.

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