Monday, April 18, 2011

Response to the TED Talk of Mick Ebeling

               Finding a video that sounded very interesting and good to write about was hard. But, after watching this video, I had made up my mind that this was the one for me. The ideas that this man talks about and the stories that he brings up are both very touching, and also very moving. This talk gives me a new perspective on many parts of my life. Anyway, the main idea of this article is that everything seems or looks impossible at first, but it may not be. As Mick stated in his talk, this computer was impossible at one time, this keyboard that I am typing on was impossible at one time, everything was impossible at one time, until someone believed that it was not. This talk teaches the world to view everything as possible instead of impossible, and to look at life in a different way. We need to face our problems with a greater attitude, and we must find a solution to them instead of running away from them.

                What brought about this incredible idea is the story that Mick Ebeling told during his talk. What happened was that Mick somehow came to know a  man named Tony, or "Tempt" as he went by. When he was younger, Tempt was an amazing graffiti artist, and he loved what he did. He was extremely talented and his art was loved by many. But, then Tempt became paralyzed, which was a horrible turning point in his life. Tempt could not move at all, he could not speak, and he could not even walk around. The only part of his body that he could move was his eyes. When Mick found out about this man, he and the rest of "The Ebeling Group" decided to sponsor him, and completely changed his life. They were able to bring up his mood, and they were able to find him some means of communication. But, the main thing that they did for him made him happier than he had been in quite a while. Art. Mick was able to gather up a group of inventors, and after a while, they came up with a type of art that is used only with the eyes of the user. So, Tempt was able to draw again and as he said, " I feel like I had been held underwater, and someone finally reached in and pulled my head up so I could take a breath."

                 Along with this talk's amazing message and story, I also really liked Mick's speaking techniques. He did a great job of enhancing the experience of the audience, and keeping the interested. The first technique that he used was relaxed talk. The way that he talked about his ideas in such a relaxed manner made the audience feel more into the talk, and more in tune with what Mick was talking about. Like many other speakers, he also used the technique of little bits of comedy. By doing this he was able to keep the audience entertained, and he was able to prepare them better for the big finale. His ways of speaking really made the work better, and they made it much more interesting to watch. He also presented his information very well. He was able to present in a relaxed manner, but he was also able to present his ideas perfectly and in the right fashion. He used many different styles and was able to lead up to the ending statement.

                 What matters most about this video is plain and simple. Make the impossible possible, Follow your dreams and make them a reality, Complete a task that others may judge as unable to be completed. This point is very important in our society today, because it feels like people are losing grasp of this idea. They are starting to believe that when something seems impossible, it is. Or that dreams can never be real, that is why they are dreams.What we do not realize, is that that way of thinking is all wrong. Even in my daily life I can see this happening. Even in myself. When someone comes up with an idea that seems wrong or impossible, it is quickly discarded and never thought of again. We should strive to come up with ideas such as those, and we should cherish them. This matters to the world in the sense that there are many ideas that may be thrown out, but may have been an idea that could have helped millions of people. For example, if Mick had not tried to make his dream a reality, Tempt (and all of the others with his condition) would never have been able to draw again, and that cause in itself is important enough.

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