Thursday, May 5, 2011

Responese to Dave Meslin TED Talk: Blog 8

This video was my last one and I think that it was a good one to finish with. Dave really came up with some good ideas and I could really understand what he was talking. The main idea was that it is really hard to get involved in our communities, and it is not just that we are selfish, stupid, or lazy. The reason for this is that the things that we could get involved with seem like they do not want us too. What I mean is, if there is something going on, the media may tell you about it, but it is extremely hard to get involved with it. It really seems like the companies do not want people involved. But why would this be? Having people involved is the whole point, right? We need to make ourselves get involved. Since it is so hard to get involved, we may seem selfish, stupid, and lazy, even if we do not mean to be. We need to let go of our apathy just because it is hard, and give the extra bit to make a difference. This is a really important idea. Just because something is hard does not mean that we should not even try. If everyone did that, what would society be like today? Would it be better or worse? Probably worse. Our society is already heading in that direction, and if they are not stopped, everyone will expect easy jobs and activities, and anything hard will be thrown out. But, how do you get people to work hard on everything that they do? People need to learn to do what is important even if it may be difficult.

Dave's speaking techniques and presentation styles may not have been the best, but I still think that he did a good job with them. Dave used a good form of talking. He was nice and slow, and you could really understand him. He also did a good job of not standing in the same spot. He was able to use gestures and was able to walk around. He also did a good job with the slides that he used to enhance his talk. He had on the slides just what he needed. He did not add a bunch of random pictures or words, he just put up the main idea, and was able to articulate his ideas through speech instead of visuals. His speaking was not the best one I have heard out of all eight that I have watched, but he still did a great job.

As for what matters in this video, many parts of it do. But, the main thing that matters to me is what I talked about earlier. Giving everything all of the time and not settling for something just because it may be easier. Our society needs to learn to work hard, because we are starting to become very lazy. We should not settle for anything below what it should be (as I have said before) and we should strive to give our all in everything that we do. Our lives could be so much better if we could grasp this concept. In education, this idea could matter drastically. Students of all ages, especially older, do not try as hard as they should. They stop yearning for excellence, and begin to settle for mediocre. Why is this? Shouldn't school help students to give more instead of stopping it? What can we do to make school something that is given everything? This could result in much higher rankings, and a better time in school which matters more. I can even see this happening in my own life. I have started to let go of my yearn to learn. I have started to become alright with getting B's, which I never have before. Why is this? High school should have made me more excited for learning, but it did the exact opposite. Shouldn't school be helping? It is really puzzling why this happens, and I think that something should be done about this. Even throughout the whole world this matters. Everyone in the world, or at least a majority, are starting to let go of their willingness to work hard. They have been brainwashed to settle for mediocre days because society has told them to. Maybe if we stop listening to society and think for ourselves this will not be as much of a problem. We could fix it, and help millions.

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