Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Response to Kiran Bir Sethi TED Talk (Blog7)

For this blog I watched an amazing talk that I really enjoyed. This talk was by Kiran Bir Sethi who is a remarkable woman that spoke on many important topics. Her main idea was that kids need to take charge and do something about their ideas, and that they can do anything that they put their minds to. Two words in throughout the whole thing may be the most empowering: I Can. This really hit me more than the rest of ideas that she stated. I Can. And I know it too. But, why is it that I am not told this every day? Why is this idea not encouraged? These are the same questions that Kiran probably asked, and she did something about it. At a school in India called Riverside, Kiran implanted this idea, and it became contagious. Everyone started to believe that they could, and they tried to make things happen. Then, they took their ideas and spread them to thousands of others so that everyone caught the disease.

Kiran had an amazing way of teaching this lesson also. She used a method: Aware Enable Empower. First, she showed the children what something was really like so that they could feel what it was. Then, she would tell them to think and imagine what this could lead to and what they could possibly do. And last, they would do it. Because of this, the students could see that their ideas mattered and that they could make a difference. Their ideas were just as important as the others. They had learned the important lesson: I Can. But, this also makes me wonder. If the results of this are so great, why do all schools not use it? Why isn't  creativity asked of students instead of pushed away? Why shouldn't our ideas matter as much as anyone else's? Are we really that much less intelligent? No.

Kiran Bir Sethi's presentation style and speaking techniques were magnificent. It is not that I did not like the speaking of all the others speakers, it is just that I loved this one the most. As for the way she spoke, she did an excellent job. I really liked how she was relaxed, but I also really liked how she was really getting into it. Because of this, you could see that she really cared about what she was speaking. It was important to her, and I think that that is a key factor for any TED Talk. I also really liked the way she presented. She showed a view short clips of her success, and I really could understand what she was saying, she also had lots of results for what happened so that I could see the success. It is very amazing to see what she started.

This video matters immensely and is very important. I really liked what she was talking about and the ideas that were presented. Especially the whole I Can thing, because it is really inspiring. It shows people and especially students that they matter, and their ideas matter. To me, I can see this being applied in everyday life. I can definitely tell that my ideas are not as important to people as older or "smarter" people's ideas are. People do not tell me that I Can and they do not encourage my ideas. Why? To education, this is very important. Just like Kiran shows, encouraging students brings the results way up and is obviously successful. This also applies to the world too. To education throughout the world, and also to students around the world. Students can become empowered and can let their ideas flow. They can let their creativity come out as much as they need. Students need to know that they can.

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